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Who are the Speck Bros?

The Speck Bros visit their old hood growing up Who are the 3 brothers behind the Niagara Winery know as Henry of Pelham? Get to know them a little and see what they are up to as they speak about the inspiration behind their new wine – House Wine Co. being released spring 2011.

What is the House Wine Co. Wine?

Speck Bros at Ceili Cottage The Speck Bros of Henry of Pelham Winery in Niagara continue their quest to get to the bottom of what makes a house specialty great, and a great house wine so special as they anticipate the release of their new wine called House Wine Co. The 3 brothers visit their […]

What’s in a House Philosophy

Follow the Speck Bros, the fearless leaders behind the venerable Henry of Pelham Family Estate Winery as they explore the philosophies behind House Wine and House specialties.

What’s your HOUSE?

We’re asking our HOUSE guests to tell us what their HOUSE is to them and what’s the specialty? Your HOUSE. It’s anywhere you go to enjoy life, the company of others, good food and great wine. Is it the cottage, a restaurant, friends patio? What makes it easy, what’s the specialty? Pipe in via Twitter, […]

Does good wine have to be complicated?

At our HOUSE, we believe too much stuff gets in the way of simple pleasures. We go to our favourite resto and say “just bring us what YOU like, we trust you” and it’s always awesome. So is the same with the wine. Why not? No need for complications, just bring me great wine so […]

House Video

Follow the Speck Bros. as they explore what makes a HOUSE. The philosophies, the specialties, the people, the food and the wine that create the simple experiences we all love.